Cloudflare DNS 添加 CAA 记录

什么是 CAA1

DNS Certification Authority Authorization (CAA) is designed to allow a DNS domain name holder (a website owner) to specify one or more Certificate Authorities (CAs) the authority to issue certificates for that domain or website, according to a definition in IETF draft RFC


Cloudflare 上关于 CAA 的 FAQ:地址

Cloudflare 有一个 Certificate Transparency Monitoring 功能。如果不使用 Cloudflare 提供的 Universal SSL,而使用其他证书提供服务(部署在 Netlify 的网站会获得免费证书)。当 Certificate Transparency Monitoring 功能开启时,Cloudflare 就会向用户邮箱发送邮件。

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