Emacs 常用快捷键总结

Keyboard shortcuts Effects
emacs -nw -Q 不安装任何插件在命令行打开 Emacs
C-v forward one screen
M-v backwards one screen
C-l text around cursor to center of screen
M-x help-with-tutorial 打开教程
C-x C-c end Emacs session

Basic Cursor Control

Keyboard shortcuts Effects
C-p previous line
C-n next line
C-b backward a character
C-f forward a character
M-b backward a word
M-f forward a word
C-a beginning of line
C-e end of line
M-a beginning of sentence
M-e end of sentence
M-< beginning of whole text
M-> end of whole text
C-u num command run command, use num as repeat-count; 注意 C-u 6 C-v 与其他命令的不同
C-g quit a partially entered command; 退出没有响应的命令
C-x 1 kill all other windows

如果遇到暂时禁止执行的命令,按下 n 取消执行。

Inserting and Deleting

Keyboard shortcuts Effects
<DEL>=BackSpace delete character before current cursor
M-<DEL> kill word before cursor
C-d delete next character after cursor
M-d kill next word after cursor
C-k kill from cursor to end of line
M-k kill from cursor to end of current sentence
C-e move to end of line
M-e move forward to end of sentence
C-<SPC>(<SPC>=space) move-cursor-to-somewhere C-w C-y kill random text, then yank to somewhere(like cut and paste)

killingdeleting 的区别:

  • killed text can be reinserted (at any position)
  • deleted things cannot be reinserted in this way, but you can undo a deletion

Reinsertion of killed text is called "yanking".


Keyboard shortcuts Effects
C-/ undo a change to text(C-/ 不会撤销光标移动命令,滑动命令)

For C-/ Self-inserting characters are usually handled in group of up to 20.

Normally, C-/ undoes the changes made by one command; if you repeat C-/ several times in a row, each repetition undoes one more command.


Keyboard shortcuts Effects
C-x C-f find a file
C-x C-s save the file


Emacs stores each file's text inside an object called a "buffer".

Keyboard shortcuts Effects
C-x C-b List buffers
C-x b <BUFFER NAME> switch buffer
C-x b Messages see the messages

Extending the command set


Keyboard shortcuts Effects
C-x <one character> Character eXtend
M-x <a long name> Named command eXtend
C-z exit Emacs temporarily
fg or =%emacs=(exec in console) recover from C-z

Auto save


Echo area

Mode line

-:**– TUTORIAL 63% L736 (Fundamental)——–

  • 63% 表示当前文档的进度。如果来到文档底部会显示 Bot,来到文档顶部会显示 Top。
  • (Fundamental) 则是指编辑模式,

Major mode

Minor mode


Keyboard shortcuts Effects
C-s start search after cursor
C-r start search before cursor

Multiple windows

Keyboard shortcuts Effects
C-x 2 create one more window(top+bottom)
C-x 3 create one more window(left+right)
C-x o switch to other windows(one by one)

Multiple frames

Keyboard shortcuts Effects
C-x 5 2 new frame

Recursive editing levels


Get help

Keyboard shortcuts Effects
C-h c C-p oneline explanation
C-h k C-p explanation with more details
C-h f <function name> describe a function
C-h v <variable name> describe a variable
C-h r read manual
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