Linux 软链接跨磁盘问题

    #  WARN  EXDEV: cross-device link not permitted, link '/mnt/disk/.pnpm-store/v3/files/files/d5/c4e349548735fdbeea027ca73e7da1788ad6465afd8945bc14827e623ad86c77261b7749e0f63a26888b2eb1bc28ae4e9f83072b57db8bc5b97ef8bcf348bb-exec' -> '/home/archie/.local/share/pnpm/nodejs/_tmp_72305_1d7acc647b9cdc07eaa2ebcbcd970ab7/bin/node'

当我尝试通过 pnpm 包管理器命令 pnpm env use --global lts 时,出现了上述警告,原因是:当我执行命令时,所在位置是 /mnt/disk ,在另一个磁盘。

通过搜索 EXDEV: cross-device link not permitted 找到 rename 的 man page

其中有对 EXDEV 的解释。

    oldpath and newpath are not on the same mounted filesystem. (Linux permits a filesystem to be mounted at multiple points, but rename() does not work across different mount points, even if the same filesystem is mounted on both.)


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