Programmers' Manifesto(宣言)


  1. Continually and actively improve ourselves as programmers 作为程序员,持续地、活跃地提升自己

Accept what is, but do not be satisfied by it.


Strive to improve your knowledge of your craft, to improve it through creating new things, doing research, collaborating, dissecting the code of others and in turn having yours dissected, taking part in discussions and generating them.


  1. Create new things 创造新事物

There are too many people wasting time, effort and creative energy by reinventing the wheel. Strive instead to seek out the inventions of others, learn how they work, use them in order to create new things. The giants are already out there, all you have to do is go and stand on their shoulders.


  1. Show and share our creations and what we learned during the process of creating them 在创造的过程中展示分享我们的创意和我们学习到的知识

A thing is wasted if it isn't shared.


Actively discuss your creations with other people, exchange them, give them away for free, sell them - anything but hoard them.


  1. Facilitate human connections between programmers 促进程序员的人际关系

Programming as a an occupation and a hobby is far too solitary for the benefit of anyone. Actively connect with other programmers, with creators in other fields. Discuss and dissect the similarities and differences between your approaches, philosophies, lifestyles.


Connect with others, life is too short and precious to be an isolated island.


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