TailwindCSS Cannot Be Used Without PostCSS

While testing a full-stack demo, the front-end used Vite + Vue + TailwindCSS, and Fastify was used to build the API.

The issue encountered: The style classes were not working.

Following the official framework tutorial of TailwindCSS, I created a new Vite + Vue + TailwindCSS project, compared the differences between the files of my project and the template project, and tried:

  • Changing the order of import './style.css'; and import App from './App.vue'; in src/main.js
  • Moving style.css or renaming it, and then re-importing it
  • Moving the tailwindcss package from dependencies to devDependencies
  • Switching from bun to npm

After none of the above operations had any effect, I started to think if I missed something? Prompted by a stackoverflow answer, I realized: I had not configured PostCSS. So, I went through the official tutorial of TailwindCSS again:

bun add --dev tailwindcss postcss autoprefixer
bunx tailwindcss init -p # This step generates tailwind.config.js and postcss.config.js

After that, I modified the content path in tailwind.config.js, and then I could happily use TailwindCSS in *.vue files.

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