What it's like to run

I'm talking about my latest two times running. As the time of order, first time was feeling bad, I coundn't run 5km, only 3km. second was great, I could run 5km. I think it's because I'm listening a podcast episode. It transferred my attention to the podcast content, then I didn't feel tired. I even recover the habit of singing after the run.

This sunday I will run 5km at a maronthon. I am exciting about it. Hope I'll enjoy.

After the first run, I recorded some feelings:

gradually in the process of tired, slowly, didn't want to continue to run. Don't want to run, the leg felt weigh too much, at last stop and breath with big mouth.

Revised by AI:

I'm talking about my two most recent runs. In chronological order, the first run didn't go well; I couldn't run 5km, only 3km. The second run was great; I was able to complete 5km. I believe this was because I was listening to a podcast episode. This shifted my attention to the podcast content, so I didn't feel tired. I even rediscovered the habit of singing after my runs.

This Sunday, I will run a 5km race in a marathon. I am excited about it and hope I'll enjoy it.

After my first run, I noted the following feelings:

Gradually became tired, and slowly, I no longer wanted to continue running. First, mind turns negative, then legs start feeling heavier and heavier, until finally come to a stop, gasping for breath, needing to take a break.

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