Gallery site with AI-generated image captions

As someone who occasionally takes photos, I've accumulated quite a few over the years with my phone. I've wanted to have an online photo album for a long time but was never quite sure which tools to use for building one. Recently, I came across this repository petrovicz/astro-photoswipe in a newsletter, which I quite liked, and decided to give it a try along with Astro, which was new to me. As for PhotoSwipe, it's an old friend; I used it for a while but then shifted my focus elsewhere.

Image to Text

After deploying the photo album website, I noticed there were no captions for the images. Initially, I thought about writing them myself, but with so many photos, the workload seemed daunting. Then I wondered if there was an AI model that could convert images to text. Since the website is hosted on Cloudflare Pages, I naturally looked for models at Workers AI and found two (@cf/llava-hf/llava-1.5-7b-hf and @cf/unum/uform-gen2-qwen-500m).

I considered the possibility of generating captions in real-time, where upon clicking an image, its description would be instantly created. However, I couldn't find a way to do this. After testing in bulk with a Node.js script, I found that generating captions for around 230 images took about 2 minutes, which included issues with images being too large to process and network connection problems.

With the help of AI, I managed to write this script, encountering several issues along the way:

  1. My local network couldn't connect to Cloudflare's API, frequently timing out. Solution: Move the runtime environment to GitHub Action and add a 15-second timeout.
  2. Cloudflare Workers AI has a limit of 720 requests per minute for Image to Text models. Solution: Limit the maximum number of concurrent requests.
  3. How to upload all the image captions to Worker KV after obtaining them. Solution: Use Promise.all() (which can combine multiple iterations into one and output them).

Some reflections:

This script may not seem like much now, but before writing it, I was quite troubled, pondering how to solve the above problems. With the help of AI, I finally achieved my goal. When writing this script, I referred to dgurns/magic-ai-box and used the REST API directly instead of Cloudflare's official SDK.

Later thought:

A condition is needed: if the text generation fails, do not upload. If this is not done, there will be a problem: if the text generation for the same image is successful the first time and fails this time, it will cause the original text to be removed. When implementing, I encountered a BUG - the execution of the code could not be stopped.

  • First modification (40b7a92): Used data.result.description for filtering, but later found through logs that data.success is more concise.
  • Second modification (2d62d50): A lot of content was modified this time, and this modification caused the code execution to fall into an infinite loop. After troubleshooting, it was found that it was caused by the inability to stop the scheduling during image processing.
  • Third modification (0184d83): In this step, the processImagesConcurrently function was adjusted.

Another implementation method is to use xenova/transformers.js:

import { pipeline } from '@xenova/transformers';

const captioner = await pipeline('image-to-text', 'Xenova/vit-gpt2-image-captioning');
const url = '';
const output = await captioner(url);
// [{ generated_text: 'a cat laying on a couch with another cat' }]


Remove exif info

Two days later, I noticed an issue: the photos were all taken with a phone, and if I didn't remove the phone model and other information embedded in the images, it would be a significant security risk. So, I wrote another script to remove all the exif information from the images. The general process was:

  1. Traverse all the images in the target folder and check if there is any exif information left.
  2. If there is none, no further action is needed; if there is, remove the exif information.

The code repository is at GitHub. The website address is also there.

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